Authors: Dr. Zia Hashim

It gives me a great pleasure introducing this issue of Medical Mentor. For the last two years we are publishing Medic Mentor covering various fields of medicine by various specialists in their respective fields. Medicine is both a science as well as an art is branch in which recent advances are coming every day.

New editions of textbooks are published once in few years so we need to develop a platform on which we have means to touch all important areas of medicine in a comprehensive and accurate way. Our aim is to cover undergraduates in medical colleges and various paramedical courses in various specialities. Nowadays lot of emphasis is on evidence based medicine and evidence based approach is also being applied to alternative medicine like Ayurveda and Yoga. Our team is trying our best to include articles to meet requirement of undergraduates in various courses of medicine.

It is very encouraging that number of our subscribers are increasing with every issue. I would like my readers to participate actively by giving us a proper feedback, so that we may improve in our forthcoming issues. Please keep on writing to us.